Although we live in the country, it is extremely important to be able to identify your house number from the roadway and to be able to do so at night. This is especially important for those times that we never anticipate when it is necessary for Fire and Emergency Medical Services personnel to be able to find the proper home quickly should an emergency arise.

Often times if someone is sick or injured you will find it hard to have someone go out to stand at the road to meet fire/ambulance personnel when they are needed most and at these moments response time can make a big difference. For this reason, we strongly encourage all community residents to make sure that their property is easily identifiable.

If you are elderly or for some other reason are unable to do so, contact us and we can get someone from the department to help you to get your home identifiable so you are prepared should that time ever come.

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County Burn Ban Status

Burn Ban Status

Please contact the Archer County Sheriff at (940) 574-2571 to notify them if you're performing a controlled burn when burn ban is not in effect.

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